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According to Cancer Research UK, 2013, every year over 50,000 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate, testicular and penile cancer. Of these men over 47,300 (1 in 8 men of which 1 in 4 will be a black man) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, over 2,296 will be diagnosed with testicular cancer and 622 will […]

For Summer 2016, I have had to severely narrow down my closet and work with a few wardrobe pieces  throughout the whole season. Long gone are the days when I used to hoard clothes just because I felt the need to fill every last bit of space in my closet.  Now I carefully select a few pieces […]

Fashion week is just about street style and what editors wear as it is about the collections on the runway. Many future trends have been born or inspired by what the fashionistas wear during fashion week. Many may see us as over dressed freaks but in their somewhere is a look that you will see in […]

I have recently been nominated for the ‘Most stylish Ugandan male in the diaspora’ award in one of Africa’s most prestigious fashion awards The Abryanz style and fashion awards (ASFA) 2015 taking place later on in the year in Kampala, Uganda. Although I have always been complimented on my style among the fashion elite, it never occurred […]

  We had a lovely weekend in London as far as the weather is concerned. Anyone who has lived in London will tell that when the sun comes out, we all drop whatever we are doing and head outside because truth be told we never know for how long it will stick around. I was […]

I attended Ascot for the first time in my life. As the biggest event on the social calendar, it was not the easiest of events to dress up for because of the strict dress code especially given that i was invited by the wonderful team of Ascot and i was in the grandstand. I love […]