Dear Santa,

I  have been a very good boy this year… good i have frightened myself occasionally with my civility, kindness, generosity and sympathy towards others (HA!)

All i request for this Christmas is a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and another of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve to get me through the cold winter whether to throw it back on the rocks (one usually does when faced with difficult family members during the xmas period) or make delicious cocktails for myself, family and friends. I will even have a go at making the legendary Going Strong cocktail served at the China Tang at The Dorchester. It cant be that hard can it, 50ml Gold Label, 3 Fresh Blackberry, 20ml Averna, 3 Drops Lapsang Suchon Bitter, 5ml Sugar Syrup, some crushed ice and Voila!.

Yours truly

Aizak Buyondo

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve - Gold Lacquer with box

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Picture Copyright Chris Watt 07887 554 193

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Image by Chris Watt


Going Strong cocktail at the China Tang                                

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