The Royal Opera House is offering champagne aficionados the chance to experience the oldest champagne in the world in a modern and unique way. The offer where for any glass of Ruinart Rosé champagne purchased at the Royal Opera House bar, you are served with an individual pot of gourmet-flavoured edible pearls has been running for a week comes to an end tomorrow however this is a one-off chance so you can all guess where I will be tomorrow evening.These unique rose or raspberry pearls which have been developed exclusively for Ruinart burst in the mouth to release a wonderful bouquet of flavours and aromatic freshness to complement the Ruinart Rosé champagne. A glass of Ruinart Rosé purchased at the Royal Opera House bar costs £16.25


Pearls of Wisdom Raspberry

Pearls of Wisdom Raspberry

Box open Rose

Pearls of Wisdom Rose


Ruinart Rose

Ruinart Rose with pearls

Ruinart Rose with pearls

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