To say that David Beckham has the Midas touch would be putting it mildly because everything this modern day Adonis touches certainly turns into gold from fashion, sports, entertainment and now whiskey!

You all remember David’s collaboration with world’s leading premium drinks business DIAGEO that resulted into the super successful Haig Club beverage, right? Well such was the success of the Haig Club that it has now been followed up by a new Single Grain Scotch Whisky called the Haig Club Clubman which no doubt is going to be the drink of choice for the discerning fashionable gents everywhere. The sleek new Haig Club Clubman bottle retains the signature Haig Club blue glass and the distinctive square style but is elongated to create a new aesthetic and stand-out silhouette.

David Beckham introduces HAIG CLUB CLUBMAN - A new Single Grain Scotch Whisky from HAIG CLUB


Working closely with Diageo, we look forward to welcoming Clubman into the Haig Club family.  From its earliest days, Scotch whisky has attracted people from all over the world with its sophistication, style and distinctive array of flavours. We want to continue in this spirit, bringing to market a special new whisky and introducing new fans to this incredible industry.” David Beckham

HAIG CLUB CLUBMAN served with cola


Whilst Haig Club Clubman is delicious straight-up or on the rocks, the perfect way to enjoy this Scotch Whisky is with cola. The sweet, vanilla and coconut flavours combine perfectly with the sweet caramel of cola, creating an approachable and delicious drink which is refreshing in taste and perfect in its simplicity. If you already love Scotch then you’ll enjoy this combination of flavours and if you’re new to Scotch this is the ideal introduction.” Diageo Global Whisky Master Ewan Gunn

Introducing HAIG CLUB CLUBMAN - a new Single Grain Scotch Whisky


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