You will never catch me on a flight to anywhere without my TUMI as a matter of fact , it does not matter whether I am flying or going away by bus… as long as am spending a night away from home, I always travel with my TUMI tegra lite. Not sure how my bank manager will react to this but TUMI my favourite travel brand has just launched a new camouflage collection of what I call travel essentials (I call them essentials because they are clearly must haves atleast to me) as part of the including the Cannon Backpack available in canvas, ballistic nylon or leather, the Henderson Expandable duffle, Kirtland International Expandable as well as many fashionable accessories including mobile, tablet, and laptop covers. The collection is available online and in TUMI stores around the world with prices starting from £65.00 for a card case to £845 for the large trip packing case

222460GC2 Kirtland International Expandable Carry-On

TUMI Kirtland International Expandable Carry-On

222318GC2 Monterey Sling

TUMI Monterey Sling

28827 Camo Tegra-Lite Large Trip Packing Case

TUMI Camo Tegra-Lite Large Trip Packing Case

14277CM Cover for iPhone 6 Plus

TUMI Camo Tegra-Lite Large Trip Packing Case

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