Swatch and pop star Mika have created the latest Swatch Art Specials, KUKULAKUKI and KUKULAKUKU . Mika joins a long list of painters, sculptors, video artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, designers and conceptual artists, ranging from Keith Haring and Kiki Picasso, to Fafi, Rankin, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Moby who have worked with Swatch to create “art for the wrist”. The new Swatch Art Specials were designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine, who have been creating artworks and designing together for the past ten years from their London studio. The two timepieces feature a simple, bold pattern on the strap, with an image suggesting a traditional African tribal mask on each dial which the designers say are a mix of designs found in Tunisian, Moroccan, other African and Oceanic tribal motifs.

I don’t come from a design background, which is why I have so much fun designing stuff and why I love collaborating with people. Doing this was fun, because for me the process is exactly the same as making music. I don’t see any difference between the two.” Mika



New Gent; 2013 XMasCollection; 1311 Art Special

Swatch X Mika

Gent Special; 2013 XMasCollection; 1311 Art Special

Swatch X Mika


Mika wearing Swatch Art special


Mika wearing Swatch Art special

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