Lifestyle brand POLICE have unveiled a collection of classic, timeless and contemporary metallic sunglasses titled SUN 2016 suitable for all face shapes designed with a unique combination of materials and colour palettes with vintage detailing inspired by the origins of the brand while retaining the urban, decisive and versatile signature style of the brand. The frames are lightweight with oval and panthos shapes, double bridge detailing and vintage influences paying homage to re-occurring eyewear trends while the temples offer contrast through a slim and slender design, with a metal pin on the front to reproduce the iconic Police signature eagle and incorporate an understated vintage feel.


POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses


POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses


POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses


Aizak wearing POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses


POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses detail

POLICE have also released a new fragrance collection part of the popular ‘To Be’ fragrances series for men and women. The POLICE ‘To Be The King’ and ‘To Be the Queen’ are for the individual who has a thirst for power, possesses a striking appearance and oozes a confident aura forcibly represented through the iconic Skull-shaped bottle embellished with a gothic crown.

The POLICE 'To Be The King'

The POLICE ‘To Be The King’

As much as i adore the ladies’ POLICE ‘To Be Queen’, which comes in a white bottle, it is the men’s ‘To Be King’ extraordinarily gothic black bottle and seductive scent that grab my attention for men. From the initial cool and invigorating impression that progresses towards a more woody aromatic trail of amber and cashmerewood, the ultra sensual scent warms up into an embrace of woods and resins with orange flower crystals. Fantastic!


Aizak Buyondo wearing POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses and holding a bottle of POLICE To Be King fragrance

In the photos I am seen wearing the Rival 9 sunglasses however you can check out the full SUN collection on the website


The POLICE ‘To Be The King’


The POLICE ‘To Be The King’


The POLICE ‘To Be The King’


The POLICE ‘To Be The King’ alongside the POLICE Rival 9 sunglasses


Aizak Buyondo wearing Nico Didonna


Aizak Buyondo wearing Nico Didonna


Aizak Buyondo testing the POLICE To Be King fragrance

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