John Varvatos Enterprises has  announced the opening of its newest 2,900 square feet retail location in the state-of-the-art Westfield World Trade Center Transportation Hub, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava.


John Varvatos X Westfield World Trade Center


John Varvatos X Westfield World Trade Center

To commemorate the opening, John Varvatos has collaborated with Westfield World Trade Center on a digital exhibition featuring the works of artist/photographer Karsten Staiger.  These original photographs, captured at dizzying heights from the rooftops of NYC buildings, will be presented on the shopping center’s state of the art digital signage network composed of 19 large format screens with over 25 million LED pixels and an impressive 100 yard screen located below the base of 1 WTC.  The “show” begins at the Westfield entrance under the Westside Highway and continues underneath 1 WTC and ultimately ends at the 4 story elevator screen located within Tower 4.  It will be on display from August 16th through the end of September.


John Varvatos X Westfield World Trade Center


John Varvatos X Westfield World Trade Center

It has very special meaning to open in the new Santiago Calatrava designed building at the site of the World Trade Center.  To me it is a statement of the strength of NYC and a message to everyone on not being intimidated by the evil minority in this crazy world.  This represents a strong message of love to all the lives lost and effected by 9/11. We will celebrate our city with Karsten’s striking imagery.” designer John Varvatos.  “


John Varvatos X Westfield World Trade Center

I’m excited to share my world and photographic adventures from high above New York City with John Varvatos.  This collaboration is so serendipitous – I’ve been a fan of his for some time and respect his passion for this great city.” Staiger.

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