For AW16, Boxfresh celebrates Fusion. Fusion has been part of the Boxfresh DNA ever since 1989 when the men’s fashion brand began combining different elements to create something new in their collections. Fusion is the Boxfresh inspiration and focus, and driven by its possibilities and ability to create the unexpected, it reflects the people Boxfresh make shoes for.

Boxfesh shoes are born from the city – its energy, guts and personality, and its infinite evolutions. Textures, materials, colours, a city’s architecture, all blended to create original and unique collections. It is through fusion that a city evolves, and it is through fusion that Boxfresh reinvent their footwear to stay fresh and relevant.

The first release for AW16 is the Reubix Collection, featuring Rily, Braq and Ceza, part of the Sports Hybrid range which fuses inspiration from sports and architecture. All three sit on the eye-catching geometric Reubix outsole.

Rily merges a classic running shoe upper with a chunky, angular sole and comes in three colourways on a premium leather upper – black, white and a rich chestnut brown.



Rily White Octant Leather


Rily Chestnut Octant Leather


Rily Black Octant leather

Ceza, the upper is wrapped in a lux suede leather and mesh neoprene, blending sports casual with contemporary styling inspired by the modern cityscape.


Ceza Steel Grey FAT5 Leather


Ceza Black FAT5 Leather

Braq’s upper is a combination of leather, an exposed neoprene sock and thick elastic strapping creating bold outlines fused with a clean, modern streetwear aesthetic. As a finishing touch Braq features an origami inspired leather heel detail.


Braq White FAT5 Leather Neoprene


Braq Black FAT5 Leather Neoprene

All three styles have subtle branding on the tongue and sole, and plenty of understated detailing.
The Boxfresh collection thoughtfully brings together the unexpected, our obsession with doing the small things well, and attention to each and every detail.
All of the above styles are available from early August 2016 on priced at £85

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