The Armani Group has unveiled its new flagship Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2 in Milan. This is an important year for the fashion house, that on April 30th will celebrate its 40th anniversary concurrently with the Expo 2015 inauguration.

GA Montenapoleone - inside - credit Matteo Piazza

Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2 in Milan

The boutique is located in the historic Palazzo Taverna, where the Milanese poet Carlo Porta once lived. The building was rebuilt in 1835 to an unusual V-shaped plan that opens onto the street, featuring an elegantly simple façade. It’s one of the oldest buildings on Via Montenapoleone. The restyling by Giorgio Armani and his team of architects aimed to bring out the original form of the building both as regards the interior and exterior, through the re-opening of the windows on the upper floors and ground floor.

GA Montenapoleone - inside - credit Matteo Piazza (3)

Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2 in Milan

The boutique spans three floors, with a sales area of 1,082 square metres. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to womenswear, while menswear is on the first. On each floor, accessories collections and fragrances are presented in a dedicated area. In addition to the space reserved for the Made to Measure service, which combines the essence of Giorgio Armani style with the uniqueness of handmade garments, the second floor presents the most elegant garments from Giorgio Armani’s prêt-à-porter collection and will have shortly a room dedicated to the new women’s New Normal collection. The three floors are connected to each other by an elevator as well as by an elliptical staircase with a high-impact design in metal with platinum-finish steps in extra-white onyx.


Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2 in Milan

Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2 in Milan

The interior features a brand new concept. Returning the layout to the original architecture of the building, each floor features a succession of rooms connected by large, elegant doors with platinum trim. All of the rooms have been customised: the flooring is different in each room, made with precious marble and onyx, and matching printed silk panels line the walls and echo the colours of the floors – mainly petrol blue, silver, dark green and ivory – while large curtains hang at the windows. There are also new furnishings and displays made of metal with a platinum finish. These are lightweight with a curved shape and rounded corners. The chairs, designed specifically for the boutique, Haydes and Hack lamps, and carpets belong to the latest Armani/Casa collection.


Giorgio Armani says: ‘The reopening of the boutique in Milan coincides with an important moment for me, namely the brand’s 40th anniversary, which will be celebrated in conjunction with Expo 2015. The reopening therefore has a strong aesthetic and symbolic meaning, as it summarises the enduring values of my work and projects them into the future. I wanted to create a boutique with an elegant atmosphere that welcomes customers and guides them through the different environments. The succession of colours in different rooms, the careful distribution of the products, and the surprise created by the internal staircase give life to an experience that is characteristic of Armani: intense but natural.’

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