Artkurio and Open Space Contemporary will host a group exhibition titled All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt…, developed to showcase internationally known young, emerging contemporary artists from the UK, Turkey and worldwide. Supported by the Manhattan Loft Gallery in London, the exhibition proposes to discuss concepts of consumption, materiality, and objecthood in light of today’s contemporary environment.


All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt exhibition


All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt exhibition

In the age of Globalisation, once described as the latest name for imperialism by Clifford McLucas, the world has changed dramatically and rapidly, affecting economic, social, political and cultural aspects of life, which have brought not only opportunities but also challenges. All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt… will focus on the reinterpretation of materiality and the context it plays in the 21st century, featuring emerging artists that work across disciplines such as installation, painting, sculpture, video, stitching and works on paper.


Ahmet Civelek, Untitled (2 Orange Spoons), 2016, 7.5×47.5cm, Powder Coated Stainless Steel Spoons, Spray Paint, Oil Paint Marker, Magnets, Resin and Marble

The use of materiality, value, use of consumption and acquisition of goods play a significant role in the exhibition, which acts as a social commentary on the contemporary art market, mass production and fabrication of artworks, and further explores the materiality used in relation to the value of the object. In this context, the idea of belonging and ownership also plays an important role when relating to status and self-identity. The artists included in the exhibition centrally explore and critique these concepts with a multifaceted approach, often featuring sites of consumption, acquisition of goods and tracing the histories of objects in their work.


All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt exhibition

Artkurio and Open Space Contemporary present All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Burnt…

Manhattan Loft Gallery | 65 Hopton St, SE1 9JL, London

30 September – 13 October 2016

Curated by Burcu Yüksel & Huma Kabakcı

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